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It all started in 1998 after completing Microsoft’s System Engineering Program, Rob started an IT company at the inception of high speed internet. Early on, he realized he had a gift, understanding digital technologies more than most and found himself being asked for help from many people who were technologically challenged. Even then, people referred to him as, "My iT Guy, Rob" , it seems it stuck. Rob has many years of training in advertising, sales and marketing and is sharing his skills with his clients today. He has combined his experience to offer a unique niche opportunity for entrepreneurs to have their online presence managed by a specialist.

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Site Builder

Tired of slow loading, cookie cutter, mundane websites, which don't standout or showcase your brand? Discover lightning fast eyecatching websites. Contact Rob to discuss your specific needs.

Email Autoresponder

Finding new clients is probably one of your biggest concerns as a business owner. An email auto responder helps you automate communications with new and existing customers.

A sales funnel is a multi stage process that drives browsers into buyers. Properly configured, it can automate your marketing on autopilot and help you to scale your income.

Sales Funnels

Social Media

To learn more about your company, what you do on a daily basis, and how your products and services stack up to your rivals, people turn to media.

On Page / Off Page SEO

Website user experience is improved in many ways when SEO used to provide relevant information, related photos or videos to support text. Easy navigation to your mobile friendly web pages using SEO practices lead to being found on searches.

Webinar Setup & Design

Businesses use both live and evergreen webinars to grow their marketing lists and sell their products and services because webinars work.

No Need to be: frustrated with the high costs associated with marketing tools to      promote your business. Your solution is right here!
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You can choose to do-it-yourself or have Rob do it for you!

Website Design

I have a quick and easy way to create responsive, engaging websites to promote know, like and trust with prospective clients.

Who is Rob?

In 1998, after completing Microsoft's System Engineering Program, Rob founded an IT company during the emergence of high-speed internet. He quickly discovered his talent for understanding digital technologies and began helping others navigate the complex world of technology. Even then, he was known as "My iT Guy, Rob," and the nickname stuck.
Rob has over two decades of experience in advertising, sales, and marketing, which he now uses to assist his clients. He offers a unique service to entrepreneurs, managing their online presence with the knowledge and skill of a specialist.
His goal is to provide business owners with a stress-free experience while building their online presence and taking the "tech" out of technology. He offers both do-it-yourself and done-for-you business packages for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.
With Rob's solutions, entrepreneurs can spend their time focusing on the core aspects of their business, such as generating revenue and building relationships with clients, rather than getting bogged down in technical issues.

Find out why clients team up with Rob, and why you should too!

Website Features

Get Started For Only $16.00 p/m

No Need to be: frustrated with the high costs associated with marketing tools to
         promote your business. Your solution is right here!

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The World's Most Powerful Digital Marketing Platform Ever Built, Can Help You Quickly Grow Your Business Online!
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No Need to be: frustrated with the high costs associated with marketing tools to           promote your business. Your solution is right here!

Sales Funnels

You can choose to do-it-yourself or have it done for you!

I have a quick and easy way to convert visitors into leads with sales funnels

Five Star Reviews From His Clients

"Rob was critical in bringing my message to my clients in a systematic and professional way. He's a very insightful and practical solution!"

Robert H.

"We challenged Rob with providing us some cutting-edge functions and we're very pleased with the results".

Rose H.

"Rob has been patient, knowledgable, available, persistent and creative.".

Denise B.

"He always gets the job done in the time promised and it's always done well".

"Rob helped me out of some of the biggest  jams. He can handle some of the  most difficult things. He's incredible! 
I  encourage you to check him out"

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