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Hey there, I am Rob!

For those of you who don’t know me… I am just a good guy that loves his family, has a huge heart and a unshakable passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed while at the same time building solid a business. So, why should you trust or believe me? The short answer is, because I truly care and I’ve got some solid proof to back it up…

I developed the GPFS marketing platform for a multi-billion dollar industry, a guy that has been marketing and training online since 1998 and founder of My iT Guy Rob, the company that has launched the most awesome marketing system for the internet based business industry and responsible for the site you are currently on.

Now I am not going to share some sob story with you (that you must have heard like a million times already)… that I was a struggling marketer… who was fed up looking everywhere for solutions and then one-fine day told himself… enough is enough.

...Or that I took it upon myself to create this spectacular system and now suddenly it dawned on me that I am here to do some greater good and that’s why I have decided that I should sell my platform to others at throwaway prices and be seen as the savior to small businesses everywhere.

No… that’s all baloney and if anyone ever tries selling you that… you should just run for the other way and never look back.

Here’s the REAL DEAL…

I am a legitimate, hard working and passionate entrepreneur who like every other responsible individual such as you, have been trying to make an honest living by finding a problem faced by marketers, agencies and business owners, then provide a solution for it.

It’s true that I make money in the process…but it’s equally true that my GET PAID FUNNEL SYSTEM  is actually designed to help people achieve REAL RESULTSREAL FAST, and for REAL PROFITS.  But don't take it from me...

Here's What Others Are Say...

"Rob helped free me up to do what I do best, service my clients!

Thanks for great value and helping to make my life so much easier."


Wisdom Of The Akashics

Advanced Akashic Records Consultant
Soul Transformation Mentor
Women's Empowerment Leader

"I know Rob's has my back and I'm so grateful I met him. I love working people who have the caring passion he has." I'll share him!

Tammy Lee

Transform Into Joy

Best Selling Author

Mentor & Coach

"Rob was critical in bringing my message to my clients in a systematic and professional way. He's a very insightful and practical solution!"


Your Blessed Life

Certified Christian Marriage Coach
Renowned For His Ability to Empower Couples

Reserved For Your Experience With Rob

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Your Review

Teacher, Author & Leader

Mentor & Coach

Greg & Sonia

 Sonia & Greg 



Hi Rob,

Sonia & I really appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf. Thanks for doing your best to find the right solution and for your help in managing execution & cost. We believe you took care of our needs as if they were your own.

Thanks for everything!

Rose & Tim

 Rose & Tim 

 Business Owners 


Rob helped us with our online presence & digital marketing strategy. He has gone above and beyond our expectations to help us develop a simple, yet comprehensive & effective marketing strategy. He is a great coach, providing helpful tips & pointers on how we can make the most of marketing tools and encouraged us to try new strategies and approaches. He has inspired us to learn how to integrate the internet into our work. I highly recommend Rob to help you take your understanding of digital marketing to the next level to optimize profit for your business.



 Business Owner 


It is my pleasure to refer Rob to your work with your company. Rob has worked with me for about 2 years, during which time, he proved to be a valued team member. Specifically, Rob demonstrated a wonderful enthusiasm for his role. He used this skills to the company's benefit on a regular basis. In particular, he was able to use his calm, caring manner through crisis situations on a routine basis.

We had many process changes and in discussions around these changes, Rob always contributed his ideas and showed an excellent understanding of the big picture. He was always open to feedback and showed the ability to be flexible and incorporate new information into his work. On a personal level, I find Rob to be an ethical and honest individual and has demonstrated on more than one occasion his high level of personal integrity and a strong commitment to my company. He was entrusted with the highest level of security and has always proven trustworthy.

Overall, I have found Rob to be a very caring and loyal team member dedicated to the betterment of the company. I feel he will be a great asset to any organization he chooses to work with.



 Business Manager


I would like to recommend your organization to work with Rob. He has done an excellent job for us and has proven to be an asset to our organization. He is extremely organized and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done right.

Rob was always willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent rapport. He would be an asset to any company and I recommend him for any project he is willing to take on.

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