What Is A "GPS Marketing Tornado"?

GPS Marketing Tornado is a "Get Paid System," Super Sales Funnel  technique you can Learn in Rob's Course Modules or have it Done-For-You. This system, implemented into you online business strategy is designed to get you paid for your products & services. Want to get paid? Read on...

The are many technical aspects of setting up, starting & running a business online & if no one knows about your fantastic products or services, you're not getting paid! If you're serious about growing your business & ready to invest in yourself, read on...

These are some of the services you may require to get on track with profits. The following, are the components Rob can Done-For-You "or" Coach you in the GPS Marketing Tornado to scale up your business.

Please note: Done-For-You work has very limited spots & clients are accepted on an availability basis. Speak with Rob directly to be considered.

GPS Marketing Tornado

GPS Digital Marketing
Business Budget

Business Budget

Are you tired of wasting time & money sifting through the many tasks necessary to have a profitable, online business? Rob can work with your marketing & technology budgets to ensure you get maximum value, allocating in areas that will benefit your business most & bring you an ROI you would expect for your investment.

Business Strategy

Take Off with a Strategic Planning

Many small businesses are overwhelmed by uncertainty & unsure where to focus their energy, which leads to conflicting priorities & inconsistent resolution. Rob will eliminate the technicals & guesswork, so you can do what you do best.

Client Management & Booking

Client & Time Management

It's difficult to run a successful online business without a strong focus on CRM, Client Relationship Management & Time Management. Appointment booking & client follow-up doesn't have to be costly & time consuming. Let’s talk about solutions that make sense for your business!

Website Development

Website, Content, SEO & Analytics

Setup Your Domain, Email, SMTP Services & WebSite with a professional looking presence, giving you the credibility you expect. Then provide you with the proof through analytics reporting.

GPS Marketing Tornado

Ultimate Sales Funnels Marketing

Based on your goals & budget, Rob can work with you to get the most out of time, effort & finances, striking the right balance for you & your business. The GPS Marketing Funnel can get you paid for your products or services. Learn it or have it done for you.

Time is Money

Time is of The Essence

Time is also money. Some entrepreneurs try too long to get their business off the ground, taking too long before they start generating revenue. Rob can help you get off too the right start, quickly.

There are a proven sequence of steps you can follow & tools you can use to give you a huge edge, to greatly improve your opportunity for success when you’re growing  a business online. I’ve seen hundreds of people start & grow successful businesses, with the proper coaching & tools:

Main Benefits of GPS Marketing

Are you profiting substantially with your current strategies?

If the answer is NO then you need to take a serious look at the "Get Paid System" - GPS...

Check out your options to take advantage of this proven system & decide which is best for you. Contact Rob for a personal, Free Consultation, to evaluate if you are a good fit.


Done -For-You GPS Option

In consultation with you, Rob will gather all the necessary information from you, create the blueprint & put the required GPS components & tools to work for you. You may need an entire setup or just assistance with parts of your strategy. 


The GPS Marketing Learning Option

You will learn all about The GPS Marketing Tornado method. Then you implement the step-by-step knowledge you gain, to create &  execute in your business. All the while, Rob will coach you & answer your business specific questions in one on one sessions.

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